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It takes more than attractive graphics to truly capitalize on Internet opportunities.

Burning Hour Creative uniquely integrates this expertise into a single point of contact. If you are serious about building your business using the web, multimedia or through traditional marketing; Burning Hour Creative is the perfect partner to add to your team.

Current Full Time Position
Franklin Spirko Media / Cerion Inc.
Frisco, Texas
Lead Creative / Programmer
Current Freelance Availability
After 5pm Monday - Friday

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Our Philosophy

My name is Bobby Wilson, I have been designing and creating Websites and Online-Applications for over 7 years. has become home to my personal FREELANCE Web Design and Web Application company. I am not a huge corporation nor am I a "Mom and Pop" Web Design shop.

I offer a full service Freelance Interactive agency. I integrate the marketing and creative savvy of a traditional ad agency with the kick-assness of on the edge, over the top no sleep freelance agent. The result is a one-of-a-kind offering that delivers high-performance websites, multimedia, branding, print graphics and marketing.

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